Jay Mohr Makes Danica Patrick Turn RED At NASCAR Awards!

Comedian Jay Mohr humiliates Danica Patrick right in her face!

NASCAR star Danica Patrick has faced down many naysayers and critics since her driving career began but she was not ready for the verbal assault at this year’s NASCAR Awards. Jay Mohr recently hosted the 2013 NASCAR Awards and made the female driver his main target. The favorite joke of the night: “Danica, I hope you are not too uncomfortable tonight — I know you’re not used to being this close to the front,”. Watch Danica’s face while her fellow drivers bust out laughing all around her.

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About Jay Mohr.

It’s hard to believe that Jay Mohr has the pedigree to make fun of any driver much less Danica Patrick but that is not the case. The New Jersey native has had a long running acting and stand-up comedy career since his early days on the popular sketch show Saturday Night Live. He has credits in such movies as Go, Pay It Forward, Are We There Yet? and 200 Cigarettes. His television credits also include The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Ghost Whisperer, Gary Unmarried and the reality show Last Comic Standing. His sports knowledge became well known when he began a stint as featured guest star and special guest host of the high rated Jim Rome Show. In January 2003, Mohr took over Rome’s talk radio show on Fox Sports Radio now called Jay Mohr Sports and has hosted it ever since. The comedian and now sports commentator has also hosted the NHL awards twice in 2010 and 2011.

Watch Danica Patrick’s reaction!

Neither Danica Patrick nor her boyfriend were happy when comedian Jay Mohr belittled her in front of the entire crowd though she was far from the only victim of his jokes. Kevin Harwick and six time champ Jimmie Johnson were made fun too but the harshest jokes were saved exclusively for Ms. Patrick. Watch how Danica reacts and the other hilarious jokes Mohr says below!