Danica Patrick: Making Hearts Race

Danica Patrick is one of the more polarizing figures in all of sports. She has already proven that a woman can hold her own in a sport that’s dominated by men. Her tough as nails exterior may sometimes cause some fans to forget about her feminine side until she reminds us all with a video like this one.


Sports Illustrated & Danica – A Long History

The video was from a “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit edition and while the pictures were certainly classy, they did cause a rift in the media. Danica is without question one of the strongest women role models that a young woman could choose to admire but her appearance in a revealing swimsuit made some people upset. They feel as though wearing a revealing bikini objectifies women. I think the real issue is that Danica’s pictures ruin the theory that strong women can’t be sexy. For this reason, the bikini has been one of the most controversial garments in the history of fashion. In 1907, Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman was actually arrested for dawning a 2 piece. In the early 20th century, women typically wore lose fitting swimsuits with long sleeves and a skirt panel which often times came to their knees. It was actually a government imposed 10% reduction of fabric used in women’s swimsuits due to wartime rationing that saw the beginning of the sexy bathing suits. The long sleeves and skirt panel would become things of the past as swimsuits began to show more skin and eventually the 2 piece became accepted.

About These Bikinis

The modern Bikini was introduced in 1946 and French women embraced it while American women stuck to more traditional 2 piece swimsuits. In the 50s, there were still places where a woman could be cited or even arrested for wearing a revealing bikini which 1 writer described as “revealing everything about a girl except her maiden name”. It wasn’t until 1962 when Ursula Andress emerged from the sea wearing a bikini in the James Bond film Dr. No that the bikini became a world wide phenomenon. The 60s were also the era of the surf movie where the bikini was the real star.

Today every modern fashion designer manufactures swimwear and there seems to be an arms race to determine who can make the most revealing outfits. “Sports Illustrated” even features models donning nothing but body paint. The swimsuit has come a long way since in the last 100 years and we’ll just have to wait and see what they come up with next.

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  1. No Thanks I like real Woman.The Bush Man of San Fransico. donnieharoldharris

  2. Robert Nielsen

    For a ‘race car driver,’ she makes a real sexy model!

    • Michael Shupe

      for a sexy model she make’s a real race-car driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Robert Nielsen

        HOW MANY races has Danica Patrick won? ONE, in Indy Cars! As far as I’m concerned, she needs to start WINNING before I call her a race car driver! Just my opinion. :)

        • Steven B

          So all the other Nascar drivers who have never won a Sprint Cup race…what are they…oh, I forgot “Men”.

          • Robert Nielsen

            Fair enough, Steven. But my thing is that Danica gets more attention than men who actually WIN RACES, consistently! You watch next month, as the hype for Daytona starts. Danica will be front and center in WAY more stories than she probably deserves, since she has YET to win ANY races in either Nationwide or Sprint Cup.

          • Aaron

            Duh…. she’s got a gorgeous face, tits and ass…. She doesn’t need to win races

          • Robert Nielsen

            Sarah Fisher wasn’t bad to look at, either…but she never got HALF the attention that Danica gets.

          • DJ

            It’s fairly obvious why she get the attention. It’s all about sex appeal.

          • Jamie Nelson

            If all the men in NASCAR looked like DANICA who won wouldn’t matter.

          • Robert Nielsen

            I’m not so sure about that. Fans are loyal to drivers for many reasons, but one of them is their driver’s ON-TRACK PERFORMANCE. And as I’ve stated numerous times, Danica’s DOESN’T MEASURE UP, compared to the hype she gets. My Lord, she gets more press than people who’ve actually WON more than one race!
            I can pretty much guarantee that tomorrow, during FOX’s coverage of qualifying, and then next week during the 500, there will be more press around Danica (will she win pole again? will she lead laps? Can she win the race?) than most other drivers whose last name isn’t Earnhardt. (Although she may lose out on some of that press, due to the return of the #3 car.)

          • Bud

            Call it a publicity stunt. Call her a good driver or a bad driver. Whatever. Nascar has sold tons of her merchandise and increased their ticket sales (or recovered the ones they lost through boredom). It happens in every sport out there. The bottom line in business is MONEY.

          • Robert Nielsen

            Bud, I’ll give you that much. Danica has definitely revitalized interest in the sport and increased the ticket sales–but how long will the gravy train run? Sooner or later, people are going to get sick of her mid-pack (and WORSE) finishes, and the attendance and merchandise sales will drop.
            I have this same discussion/argument with my wife’s cousin, and I tell him the same thing: The average Joe NASCAR fan (who isn’t obsessed with a specific driver) doesn’t care about merchandise or ticket sales. They care about one thing: On-track performance, and more specifically, WINS and TOP-TEN FINISHES. In those respects, Danica has YET to earn the media spotlight she gets. Period.

          • antilib

            She makes me watch. I sure don’t watch to see Jimmy Johnson. He wins all the time and bores me. Danica has never bored me. There’s something really sexy about a foxy lady that can go head to head with the top rung of the sport. She backs down from nothing.

          • Robert Nielsen

            How does she “go head to head with the top rung of the sport”? How many top-ten finishes does she have? ZERO. How many wins? ZERO AGAIN. When (and IF) she starts racking up top-ten finishes and wins, THEN I would say she can “go head to head with the top rung of the sport.” Until then, as I’ve said before, she’s more media hype than driving ability.

          • antilib

            She runs right along side them and, in the case of Sunday, crashes just like they do. I don’t see how much more ‘head to head’ you could get. NASCAR needs all the promo help they can get and Danica is just fine with me.

          • Robert Nielsen

            Again, HOW MANY top 10′s? NONE. Until she starts CONSISTENTLY running in (and FINISHING IN) the top 10 (or top 5), she’s not going “head to head with the top rung of the sport”– Drivers like Earnhardt Jr., Gordon, Stewart, Busch (either one)…who actually know how to GET TO THE FRONT, and STAY THERE. She’s running mid-pack, if even that. Her average finish is somewhere in the *30′s,* for Pete’s sake. Sounds more like she’s ‘running head to head with the bottom half of the pack’, to me.

          • anthony tosti

            right along with jeff burton,tony stewert,carl Edwards,jeff gorden,shes not to shabby considering its only her 2nd full time season duh

          • Robert Nielsen

            Again, Anthony…NO TOP TENS…NO WINS in EITHER Sprint Cup or Nationwide. And yet, she’s fawned over more than drivers who actually WIN RACES.

          • anthony tosti

            last yr she won the pole for the 500 and stayed in the top ten the whole race and finished 8th ran in 3rd for almost 2o laps till they crossed the checker in indy cars she won japans 500 and finished 3rd in indy 500, do you know much about racing robert

          • Robert Nielsen

            Yeah, okay…she had SOME success last year, and won ONE RACE in her entire Indy career. I’ve been following racing most of my LIFE, Anthony (and I’m 43 years old), so yeah, I do know a little bit about racing.

          • Joe Eggleston

            Mr Nielsen, I don’t see your name up there on the Nascar board running 195-200 mph.

          • Joe Eggleston

            Well DUH you bonehead, look @ her and tell me she aint worth talkin about. She’s a 5’3″ package of HOT MOMMA!

          • Ahnold

            spoken from a girlie man

        • oldesailor

          She is way ahead of you, she is making money at it every weekend, win or lose

          • Robert Nielsen

            Good point, oldesailor. However, I still maintain that her ON-TRACK RESULTS (or lack thereof, in relation to wins, top-10 finishes, etc.) don’t measure up to the hype and media fawning that she gets. Other than Dale Earnhardt, Jr., can you name me ONE active driver, who hasn’t won a race, who gets the kind of media coverage Danica gets?

          • DocRides

            If your Logic were used in other Sports, the “Bears”, the “Saints”, the”Sea Hawks”, etc would never have Built a Fan Base! NASCAR has re-built and will maintain a Growing Fan Base with her on the Team and the fact that she was the “1st Woman in the Sport to Lead a Lap”, will only serve to increase her popularity! I remember all the negative BS when Shirley Muldowny Hit the NHRA scene….Took her awhile to make her mark!

          • Robert Nielsen

            True enough about the Bears, Saints, SeaHawks…heck, just about every other NFL team. BUT…every one of those teams you mentioned has actually had WINNING SEASONS, and CHAMPIONSHIPS. (Two things that Ms. Patrick is a LONG WAY from achieving). And speaking of Ms. Muldowney…yes, it took her a while to make her mark, but then she started WINNING. (And it’s a little tougher to make a mark in drag racing, where there’s only a winner and a loser).
            Again–Name me another driver, whose last name ISN’T Earnhardt, Jr., who has yet to win a race, CONSISTENTLY struggles mid-pack or WORSE, and yet gets the kind of media obsession that Danica Patrick gets? Bet you can’t do it.

        • hotrodnnLV

          And you would be wrong, if you drive a race car for a living then you are a race car driver, pretty simple!

          • Robert Nielsen

            She DOES NOT hold her own in a stock car. Period. I will give her this–at least last night, at Daytona, she didn’t CAUSE the wreck that took her out. My point is–YES, she’s a race car driver. HOWEVER, she’s not a very GOOD race car driver. She’s a mid-pack driver at BEST. Period.

          • Robert Nielsen

            I’m not saying she’s not a race car driver. What I AM saying is that she gets more press and attention than drivers who actually WIN RACES. Like I told OldeSailor–name me ONE DRIVER, whose last name ISN’T Earnhardt Jr., who gets the kind of media coverage Danica gets?

            This last week, the only reason she didn’t get all the press coverage wasn’t because of a NAME, it was because of a NUMBER: #3, returning to NASCAR.

  3. Johnny J

    That is nice…every inch of her…

  4. leftists are delusional

    Her elbows are too pointy.

    • Richard Newman

      What elbows?

      • leftists are delusional

        It’s a joke son, I say a joke


    • D & D Racing

      Who the hell is looking at her elbows!!

      • leftists are delusional

        It’s a joke


      • Tom Dooley

        Yeah, I didn’t notice her elbows.

  5. K. Kidd

    She does not hold her own in a stock car. Maybe the writer should watch her race before he writes about her.

    • Art

      How do you figure that? She always finishes ahead of many others!

    • Richard Newman

      Don’t be a HATER Kidd!

      • tom

        fff yeah richard

    • D & D Racing

      Give her a chance, even Montoya, Franchitti, Speed, Pruett and Hornish Jr. sucked the first few years. Franchitti didn’t even stick around after one year. Danica may not be like her boss Tony Stewart, who can race damn near anything and win with it. Stewart-Haas Racing is a good place or fit for her to get great advise and learn from the best in the business. She not only has Stewart and Martin, but Harvick and Bush to help mentor her now. Granted, she didn’t drive the wheels off that #10 car last season (other then the Daytona 500) like we all thought she would do. Stewart and Zipadelli both said in the beginning of last season, they only expected her to learn and get better for the 2013 season, which she did slowly improve thru the year. Now if this season she still spends most of the races in the back with all the rest of the want-a-bees and shows no more major improvements by the end of the 2014 season, then I’ll agree with your assessment and she might want to consider moving back to Indy car…I hear there’s an opening at Ganassi Racing!

    • Stan

      Nascar is a joke anyway–she races real race cars like the pro she is. If things get dull at nascar they respond by a pro wrestling “fight” between two or more of the drives. Curtis Turner and Lee Petty are rolling over in their graves with this crap going on!

    • Terry Chamberlain

      I’d like to see some of these want to NASCAR drivers race in Formula Ford and Formula Vauxhall races like Patrick has, now that takes some real driving skills. Not much skill to driving around in a circle.

    • TRS

      Agreed. She is a below average driver and a terrible personality.

  6. David

    I’d love to make her breakfast every morning!!

    • D & D Racing

      I’m sure her and Stenhouse would love that…I’m just saying!!

  7. rick

    i’d blow a rod on the first lap

  8. 1catfish

    Hot all over more than anyplace else.

  9. 1catfish

    She will be in the top ten on the track within 5 years. She is a racer in spike of the crap people put out that have no clue about racing.

    • anthony tosti

      they tend to forget this is only her 2nd yr in sprint cup

  10. Mike

    Don’t just sell her just on her looks…she is pretty sweet behind the wheel as well!

    • Robert Nielsen

      You’re saying a driver whose average Cup finish last year was *26.3*, and whose average Nationwide finish was *37.5* is *SWEET* behind the wheel? Maybe at two or three tracks (Daytona, maybe Talladega and Indy), but other that those, she’s a DUD.

    • TRS

      She is no better than the “Start and Parks”

  11. Harley WD Cvma SC

    This woman has it all. Stunningly beautiful and a great race driver. Congrats Danica for breaking the mold. Y’all need to give her a chance in Nascar, great drivers aren’t made over night, she still finishes ahead of others.

  12. maximusman

    She won as many races as Mr Popular…Jr the Loser

    • Robert Nielsen

      Let’s see, maximusman.
      Dale Jr. Nationwide wins (Career) = *23.*
      Danica Patrick Nationwide wins (Career) = **0.**
      Dale Jr. Sprint Cup wins (Career) = *19*
      Danica Patrick Sprint Cup Wins Career) = **0 AGAIN.**
      WHO’S the loser?

      • peter

        oke but she looks a hell of a lot better than dale

        • Robert Nielsen

          Agreed 100% with you on that, peter! I have to wonder, though–how does she feel having to SHARE the media spotlight with Austin Dillon, the rookie on the pole at Daytona, who is driving one of the most famous cars in NASCAR, #3?

  13. butch2

    give her a chance she can drive the indy cars good that’s a big adjustment from indy to nascar

  14. Perr Sandvik

    I’m wanting that car. I just love it. I think Ms Patrick should improve with the outstanding mentors she now has. Yes if that doesn’t work , then back to Indy racing to keep her name in there and to promote her branded image. what works for her works for me as a fan.

  15. George Long

    She is not competitive racing. She is allowed to continue to attract all you people who otherwise would never see a pleasant face. After all NASCAR is just a business.

  16. Wally Atkinson

    Powerful frame, beautiful looking, twin carbs lack a bit maybe but the polish on the body does it for me.

  17. Edward Seidl

    She’s holding her own Things don’t happen overnight.But Danica you have one HOT BODY

  18. Michael Chapek

    She is a nice looking lady. The only thing that gets me is after doing all the modeling shots and Go Daddy commercials she gets on TV and hollers about how people think of her as a sexist object and not take her serious as a professional driver. She wants to use her beauty to promote herself, but then gets upset we don’t see her like an UPS driver in their uniform. You can’t show everyone your skin to promote yourself and then expect everyone to ignore it when you get on the track.

    • Robert Nielsen

      Good point, Michael! :)

    • anthony tosti

      hey dough head its her sponsers and promoters who stick her in the light,a lot of the drivers have to do things they don’t like but its called sponseship,remember stroker ace

  19. Pete Bundy

    I think the girl behind the camera might look good in a bikini

  20. rontherope

    It’s hard to believe she a world known race car driver. wow she is one HOT babe behind that wheel.

    • biteme11

      And not a very good race car driver

  21. Gary Lester

    Like to see her go back to Indy Cars !! I think she is much prettier now .. she is a little older and more physically more mature.

  22. biteme11

    Her looks get her publicity because she is only a mediocre race car driver, at best.

  23. thomas

    screw u kidd

  24. apinelli66


  25. James Bruce

    I like the chassis, I mean Danica’s! Nice car too!

  26. Snowman

    Wonder what “The King” thinks about his boy Kyle ? Never was worth a crap. Danica could run circles around him. Also with that pony-tail that looks like a dog turd he gives the sport a bad name.

  27. Gee Carrejo

    Good Gawd!!! do your thing Mama you look great. As for the haters they are on the couch on Saturday and, Sunday watching wishing they had half the skills you’ve been blessed with. Shine on!!!!

  28. James Bruce

    Watching anything having to do with Nascar or watching cars go around in circles 200 times is mundane and a waste of time! If anything, drag racing has more of a draw for me!

  29. Ken

    200 mile an hour plus model. 5 feet tall and 100 pounds. Go Stewart Haas Racing. Go Smoke, you have always supported your team. Good luck God speed and fortune Sunday, safe journey to all.

  30. antilib

    “Baby you can drive my car. Guess you’re gonna be a star. Baby you can drive my car. And baby I love you. Toot toot n toot n yeah!”

  31. Tom

    She has nothing on top, no lips, ugly nose, bony face just ugly.

  32. Tom Dooley

    Well, Richard Petty, Mr. classless with your comment that was totally uncalled for, what do you think of the picture and video? I’ll just bet if you saw this you watched the video. Sometimes I really don’t have a fond liking for Danica, but it was completely out of line for a man in your position to make the statement that you made. You sure brought yourself down a few pegs with that comment. I would have thought you would have had more class than that. man, you’re pathetic.

    • anthony tosti

      Richard petty is a wornout has been who cares what he has to say,and kyle petty what did he ever do but live off his daddys name

  33. Pk Mitchell

    I just don’t think she will ever be taken seriously if she keeps doing this ridiculous barbie doll crap.

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