2013 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Touring Bikes and Cruisers

This year for their 110th Anniversary the Harley Davidson Company has come up with some great new models for touring bikes. The Road King is designed for cruising the streets and going long distances. This model has a bronze and black nickel plated gas tank medallion known as the Harley Davidson Bar and Shield. It has a six gallon tank that let’s you cover several miles on trips. The large head lamps shines plenty of light on the road at night. The large saddle bags have plenty of room for storing gear. The electronic throttle control technology makes it possible to have a smooth easy ride with little effort.

Harley-Davidson Road King Classic

The Road King Classic has the a unique gas tank medallion and a six gallon tank. It has a two color paint scheme with pinstripes for a clean, sharp look. Your ride will be smooth with the wide whitewall tires. The chrome rear fender demonstrates the quality that Harley Davidson represents. The Harley Davidson Street Glide is a bike with bold colors and style. It has bat wing faring in the front that are common to many touring bikes. This bike has a large 18 inch front wheel that provides balance and ease when making those shape turns.

Road Glide Classic

The Harley Davidson Road Glide Custom is a another bike with bold colors and pinstripes. The snark nose fairing is sleekly designed with twin head lamps for night riding. The windscreen trim adds style and protection as you ride. The GTX saddlebags hold your gear securely as you ride while the 18 inch front wheel provides balance.

There are over 34 Harley Davidson Cruiser models to choose from. The Harley Davidson Fat Boy Low is the classic black motorcycle from the 1960′s. This chopper is a big bike that has 17 inch wheels, This model has wide hand bars and large head lamps. It has a blacked out chrome finish that gives it the dark look of the 1960′s. It has black bullet hole aluminum wheels with black covers.

This is just one of the many cruiser motorcycles check out all of them at your nearest Harley Davidson dealer.